CNF survey for its army camp in Chin state

The Chin National Front (CNF) has sent a survey team to scout for land for its army camp sites and for families to resettle in Than Tlang Township, Chin state, Burma following an agreement between President Thein Sein’s government and the CNF.

Major Thawng Za Lian, a retired Burmese Army officer and a committee member of CNF’s Military Affairs, Major Solomon, secretary of CNF’s Military Affairs, Brigadier General Hrang Tin Thai, Army Chief of the Chin National Army (CNA), Colonel Than Thun, Second Army Chief of CNA, Second Lieutenant Khin Maung Lay and Secretary of family affairs made up the CNF’s survey team, said Major Solomon.

An engineer from Mizoram state of northeast India has been contacted for making arrangements to supply hydro electric power to CNA’s camp. He was invited to accompany the survey team. Village elders and village administrators were also involved.

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World Teachers’ Day celebrated in Chin state

The United Nation’s ‘World Teachers’ Day,’ was celebrated at the Pu Con Bik hall, Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma on 5 October 2012.

State ministers, departmental officials, private boarding owners and the Township’s education department officials, totalling around 350 people attended the World Teachers’ Day celebrations, a celebration committee member said.

“Only 22 school teachers on pension out of 48, over 70 years of age attended the celebrations,” said the committee member from Hakha.

A local newspaper said that awards of 15,000 Kyats were given to each pension holding school teachers. A composition and poem reading competition was held for students at the celebrations. Read more…

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    Two Chin political parties come together

    CPP & CNP The Chin National Party (CNP) and the Chin Progressive Party (CPP) will operate from a joint platform. An agreement was signed to this effect by the CNP’s Central Executive Committee members at a meeting on 6 October to operate jointly, said Salai Myo Chit, General Secretary of the CNP and a member of the joint committee. “The joint committee has decided to work together on...

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    CNF’s foreign secretary meets Malaysia’s Chin community

    Refugees of the Chin community in Malaysia were met by Salai Thla Hei, Secretary of the Foreign Department of the Chin National Front (CNF) in the last week of September. Salai Thla Hei explained CNF’s policies and the current status of peace talks between the government of Burma and CNF to the Chin community in Malaysia. “We plan to form CNF’s regional committee in Malaysia...

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    Leadership training for Burmese handloom workers in Mizoram

    The Burmese Social Welfare Association (BSWA) conducted a leadership training course for Burmese people working in the handloom industry in Mizoram state, India on 30 September 2012. The training was conducted in Zuangtui block of Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, where most Burmese weavers stay. The training course was planned with the aim of teaching youths to play a leading role. Around 20 Burmese handloom...

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    CNF organizing committee set up in Hakha

    CNF's Flag The Chin National front (CNF) set up an organizing committee in Hakha, capital of Chin state Burma on 21 September 2012. A meeting was held to form an organizing committee by the CNF and the United Solidarity and Development Party, the Chin National Party, the National League for Democracy (Chin state), local social groups, the Shalom Foundation, Hakha Youth Organization. Rual U, Chin Peace and...

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    Pregnant woman dies in Matupi due to doctor’s negligence

    Matupi Hospital An eighteen-year old pregnant woman died because of a doctor’s negligence in Matupi civil hospital, Chin state, Burma on 27 September 2012. Pi Khin Mar Htwe wife of Pu Ten Tung of Cawng Thai village, Matupi Township died following admission to the hospital, said a local. “Dr. Khin Maung Kyi left for a meeting instead of getting the surgery done on the patient. The patient...

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